Why is it in our best guide book Krakow?

Przewodnik po Krakowie

  • I lead with passion and humor

  • I approach each group individually

  • I have many years of experience as a teacher of history

  • I am a PhD student at the Faculty of History at the Jagiellonian University

  • anecdotes, stories are not alien to me

  • I feel very well in the company of children and adults

  • teachers and companies offer free and comprehensive assistance in organizing your stay in Krakow

  • if I do not have the free time limit always we suggest a good replacement for the same price

  • when you contact us meet with benevolent people - we will answer all the questions


Przewodnik po Krakowie zaprasza do wspólnego zwiedzania Krakowa!

Professional license PM / 46/09. Please note that only licensed przewodnicy po Krakowie guarantee reliable information transmitted !. I presented several proposals runs tours of Krakow. If you are interested in other variants of excursions, just me know. Przewodnik Kraków is open to all other guiding challenges. I invite school groups, businesses, tourists and pilgrims ... joint tour of Krakow will be your opportunity to get to know the castle Krak ... who come here for the first time, often going back to Krakow to look again at the monuments of this very beautiful city.


przewodnik po Krakowie przedstawia Drogę Królewską


Duration: 2-4 hours
You are in Krakow for the first time? This tour is perfect for you! You will learn all the important sights of Krakow!
Cost: 150 - 250 PLN

Przewodnik po Krakowie - przedstawia Żydowski Kazimierz


Duration: 2 hours
Experience a rich and remarkable Jewish culture in Kazimierz. Seven synagogues and the oldest surviving Jewish cemetery in Europe!
Cost: 150 PLN

Przewodnik po Krakowie z wycieczką szkolną w Krakowie


Duration: 3-5 hours
Connect visiting Krakow entertainment! On the way visit the Wawel Hill and the Royal Route we will move towards the Market! With any luck, we might be able to visit the Museum of the Underworld Market?
Cost: 250 - 300 PLN

Przewodnik po Krakowie - przedstawia Kraków w jeden dzień


Duration: 4-6 hours
You have little time and want to see as much as possible? We combine a walk through the Royal and visit the Jewish Kazimierz. If enough force, or visit the Schindler Factory Underground Market!
Cost: 250 - 350 PLN

Przewodnik po Krakowie prowadzi śladami Jana Pawła II


Duration: 4 - 7 h
Places associated with John Paul II in Krakow is very much! The route was developed for motorists and those who willingly choose to take a walking tour of Krakow!
Cost: 250 - 400 PLN

Przewodnik po Krakowie - przedstawia Wzgórze Wawelskie

Wawel Hill

Duration: 2 hours
Meet the burial place of Polish kings! We will visit the Cathedral at Wawel, we will climb the tower, where the beats Sigismund Bell and descend to the Underworld ... waiting outside our arcaded courtyard, and in good weather from the observation deck may be able to admire the Tatras!
Cost: 150 PLN

Przewodnik po Krakowie - przedstawia legendy i tradycje


Duration: 2 - 4 h
Legend of the Dragon knows big and small, but not necessarily Lajkoniku ... Walk the Way royal legends and curiosities is never boring!
Cost: 150 - 250 PLN

Przewodnik po Krakowie - przedstawia Łagiewniki


Duration: 2-3 h
On the trip we will visit the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy and the newly established John Paul II Center, where they were transferred all the memorabilia associated with the life of the Polish Pope!
Cost: 150 - 250 PLN


If the adjective "crazy" refers to the rampant knowledge, commitment crazy, crazy crazy passion and love for what you do, it actually Broccoli is Mad Guide! I would recommend, I will return, use again with the help of Mad Guide! I almost forgot even his wife! Many thanks for your help and attention!

Mr. Andrzej Wojcik from the Tri-City

Mr. Martin, thank you on behalf of my entire group for the charismatic and extraordinary stories of Krakow. Mrs. Martha, thank you for the organization, reservations and your time.
For all looking for a guide to Krakow -is only one - Crazy Guide. Showing us around Krakow, a lot of people jealous eyed and podsłuchiwało our Lord Martin. I would recommend enormously !!!

Ala Pal of Lebork

Bomber and wystrzałowo!
Our progeny delighted Mr. Marcin and his stories. Even us (big) gave the vibe :)
Thank you for unconventional approach to history and many curiosities outside the canons of the textbook. We will definitely return the extra portion of knowledge and humor!

Maciej Kulesza Warsaw

Przewodnik po Krakowie - Marcin Szymoniak