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Renaissance Kraków

The era of the Renaissance falls flowering time of the Old Town. At the beginning of the sixteenth century, thanks to King Sigismund I the Old, on Wawel Hill, the site of Gothic Renaissance palace building was built in the Italian style, with a large courtyard, topped with a columnar arcades. Inside the Cathedral, also attracts the attention of visitors Renaissance Sigismund Chapel with a distinctive golden dome, which can be seen on the outside. Walking trail can not be ignored Renaissance Street. Kanoniczna with its unique houses and portals.

przewodnik po krakowie - Sukiennice

- Wawel Hill, Cathedral –

- Renaissance arts (Sigismund Chapel which is often called as a pearl of the Renaissance north of the Alps)-

- Wawel Castle (exterior) -

- Optional – museum exhibitions in the Castle (Treasury, Armoury - Chambers – earlier booking is a must) -

- Kanonicza street – Renaissance palaces – Grodzka street - The Main Market Square -

- Manneristic Cloth Hall, and Attica- Floriańska street -

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oprac. przewodnik po Krakowie, Grzegorz Ciemała

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