Kraków city guide for schools

I know exactly how difficult it is sometimes to control the group of children or even high school students.

I have not only guiding experience – but also educational, I work with young people in the Kraków schools.

I always support teachers and, what is more, guide in such a way that students have unforgettable memories from the visit in Royal City of Kraków.

We never forget about the youngest!

Legends, questions for the curious, anecdotes, and a large dose of good humour makes even the most demanding ones will remember the time spent in Kraków!

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I will aid you in booking tickets and buying meals!

Kraków city guides may negotiate lower prices in cafes and restaurants for their groups!

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Kraków city guide welcomes!Szalony przewodnik po Krakowie zaprasza na wycieczki po Krakowie.

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