It is a special place, was in fact formed by very close, lasting several centuries of Christian-Jewish neighborhood. Jews appeared in Kazimierz in the second half. XIV., To the beginning of the nineteenth century. Lived in separate "Jewish town", the limits of which ran roughly along the streets today Honey, St. Lawrence, Narrow, Joseph and Corpus Christi. It was an autonomous enclave ruled by the rabbis and elective elders, having power over them only king exercised on its behalf by the governor of Cracow.

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(the order of visiting may change)

- Szeroka street – House of Helena Rubinstein -

- Remuh Synagogue and Remuh Cemetery – The Old Synagogue (interior) -

- Isaac’s Synagogue – Tempel Synagogue – New Square – Church of Corpus Christi -

- Wolnica – St. Catherine’s Church – Church and Monastery of the Pauline on the Rock

- National Pantheon on the Rock


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