Przewodnik po Krakowie

Traces of dark HISTORY ... KRAKOWSKI Pitaval!

Circular trail! With a guide, you will learn Krakow darkest stories Krakow! I no longer go near these places indifferent! The exact details of the common journey - the names of places and streets, betray phone ...

  • Beautiful story Zoska
  • Intrusion of Cracow scholars to the Old Synagogue
  • The issue of death in Jewish culture
  • The case of Fr. Martin Baryczka
  • Assassination of St. Stanislaus
  • Death of Samuel Zborowski, 1573
  • What is the function served Tower Thieves?
  • The prison St. Michael
  • Czarnkowski canon conflict with żakami, George of murder and escape Pienian scholars from Krakow (1549)
  • The murder of Andrew Tęczyński (1461)
  • The spirit of Eleanor Lubomirska and headless knight
  • Serial killer Charles Cat on Planty
  • Where there was a cemetery of convicts?
  • Assassination Pyjas
  • Badylak Valentine's self-immolation
  • About bloody Mayor Czeczotce
  • Burials antywampiryczne
  • Dungeons and torture chamber in the Town Hall Tower
  • House at Lamb: the murder of Bartolomeo Berrecci
  • House Alchemist
  • Assassination of John Jarząbka tailor and a chapel villains
  • Death hejnalisty
  • The legend of the two brothers
  • Agnes murder Żychowiczowej home "At the Cancer"
  • The German "butcher" and Polish prostitute Annie Motak
  • Ghetto Heroes Square

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