Kraków city guide welcomes! Become acquainted with a city through a keyhole!



During our tour around Kraków, you will have a chance to see the city from the other side. We will look for places that are ignored during a typical tour…


That’s a pity that seldom Kraków city guides start their tours on Kościuszko Mound … From here, we will see the whole panorama of Kraków. It is really worth it! Then we will go to the Wawel Hill. Everyones has heard about the Dragon’s Den, and probably also about the Wawel Dragon. Reliable Kraków city guide should always recollect the history of a legendary monster…


On a Wawel Hill we will see animal bones from the preglacial era. We will also hear about the so-called Wawel Chakra. Next in tour will be Kazimierz, where we will explore typical cafes, decorated in the style of the nineteenth/twentieth century, where time has stopped. The atmosphere of old, Jewish Kazimierz is almost perceptible here. In the famous “Alchemia” on Plac Nowy, we will have a chance to move from one room to another through a wardrobe, just like in the Tales of Narnia


We will walk through a magical passage between Meiselsa and Józefa streets. There, suspended oil lamps, formerly illuminating the apartments will attract our attention. These picturesque streets are film sets for many movies. We will also explore “Crocodile Street” – you will have a chance to hear why it is called so during the tour…Kraków city guide will tell you the story himself!


It is worth stopping next to the restaurant decorated in the style of several former Jewish shops (grocery, tailor and carpenter). We will also visit New Jewish Cemetery which is not a popular tourism destination.


After the part of the tour in Kazimierz, we will move on to Old Kraków, where we will walk through unknown for tourists hidden passages, connecting Old Town streets.


There, we will see countless number of attractions.








Kraków city guide Grzegorz Ciemała





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