Przewodnik po Krakowie

Droga Królewska śladem legend

Dragon's Den - Wawel Dragon - Wawel Castle (courtyard) - Wawel Hill - Wawel Cathedral (tour of the inside of the bell Zygmunt and crypts) - ul. Kanonicza - ul. Grodzka - St. Peter and Paul - St. Andrew - Bishop's Palace (the Pope's window) - Franciscan Church - Collegium Maius - Market Square - Cloth - St. Mary's Church (optional tour of the interior of the altar by Veit Stoss).

Wawel Cathedral - visit her briefly. For children, the greatest attraction is the entrance to the Royal Tombs, and Sigismund Bell (valid ticket (11 zł normal, 6 zł reduced.) Then visit Wawel Hill yourself and look in the Dragon! Children will hear the legend of the Dragon and King Krak. We'll go to the Royal Way on the market. We'll get Grodzka Street, on the way we look at the Pope's window, then move on to the Collegium Maius. The children Market hear the legend of the two brothers, the builders of the towers of St. Mary's Church and knights, transformed into doves. Then we go to St. Mary's Church itself or tell from the outside (St. Mary's Altar - normal admission ticket 10 zł, reduced 5 zł) and listen to the legend of the Yellow Ciżemce.

przewodnik po krakowie - Krakowski Rynek

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