Przewodnik po Krakowie

Shows the Dragon's Lair

Dragon's Den is located on the Way of Kings, Przewodnik po Krakowie offers a common visit this route. It is the most popular with tourists visiting direction.

przewodnik po krakowie - Smok Wawelski

Who has not gone back to childhood to again hear the legend of the Dragon, this time told a very interesting and humor by Mad przewodnika po Krakowie.
Under the Wawel hill there is a band of rock caves. Most likely, there are five. The first mention of them come from the sixteenth century. Probably housed the ham and public house ... In the nineteenth century walled Austrians enter them in the context of action fortification.
To the Dragon's Den, you can enter the spiral staircase of 135 beating down. The total length of the corridors is 145 m, of which is made available to tourists only part of it. At the exit of the cave there is a sculpture of the Wawel Dragon 1972 by Bronislaw Chromy.

Enjoy a tour of the crazy przewodnikiem po Krakowie.

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