Przewodnik po Krakowie

Wawel Cathedral shows

przewodnik po krakowie - Katedra na Wawelu

Wawel Cathedral is the most important temple for the Polish nation. The present church is the third temple, standing in this place. Was founded by Ladislaus the Short as the place where the relics were to rest. Stanislaus. The Cathedral is a three-aisled basilica with a transept and ambulatory, or ambulatory around the chancel. It has three towers. It is surrounded by chapels from different periods, often rebuilt. As a result of changes, Gothic building block effectively disappeared. Here we have a mixture of different styles.
It is impossible to visit the cathedral itself. Overwhelms here stylistic diversity of the works of medieval those already coming century. It should therefore come here with a good Krakow guide to sequentially know chapels, tombs and tombs ...

Enjoy a tour of the crazy przewodnikiem po Krakowie.

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